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Early lessons from knitting

I wrote this blog several years ago. Enjoy:

I spent my early morning hours figuring out why a swatch I made is not the right size. Now, remember, I am a newbie knitter, so this problem is not intuitive to me. Out came the Vogue knitting book and lo and behold my first problem was that I was knitting the swatch using the wrong stitch (I was doing stockinette instead of garter). Ok, so I started again, and the size was still off. Back to the book to figure out what to do next - the answer: go up a needle size. Having just read one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's book, it verified what she says - never believe the recommended needle size in a garment pattern.
I had to put the project down as it was now time to get ready for work. While I was getting ready, I thought about whether there is a parallel between knitting and my profession (I run a mid-size advertising firm). Here are some inital thoughts:
1) Knitting requires precision - I guess you can say that about my profession, although I'm not that precise at work. Perhaps knitting is trying to tell me something
2) Knitting requires concentration - I have run this business for 23+ years and it is more and more difficult to concentrate at work. Again, knitting trying to teach me concentration skills.
3) I have multiple projects going on at one time - true at work, too. Maybe I like it when there is a lot of variety and I can be jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Or maybe I should go back to point 2 above and just accept the fact that I have adult-onset ADD.
4) Knitting confounds me a lot - work constantly confounds me. 
5) Knitting is about math: I am marginally good at math (okay, that's a stretch - I suck at math), so here again, knitting is my teacher! Maybe after all these decades, I will conquer math and I can credit knitting. How funny is that?


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